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10947 Lindblade

Explore the journey through the permitting maze of Culver city. Our team's expertise in local regulations facilitated a smooth and timely approval process, ensuring compliance with zoning laws and building codes while respecting the historical significance of the area.


Sustainable Design Features

In line with our commitment to environmental responsibility, this project integrates sustainable design elements. From energy-efficient lighting to eco-friendly materials, the Urban Oasis embraces a green ethos without compromising on style.


Immerse yourself in the construction phase, where skilled craftsmen meticulously brought the design to life. Attention to detail, precision in execution, and a commitment to quality define every aspect of the construction process.


Craftsmanship and Construction Excellence

Design concept

Year:                                       2022

Type:                                      Interior remodel

Size:                                       1,928 SQ.FT

Status:                                   Under Construction

Project Location:                 Culver City, CA

Team:                                     Yiyang Sang

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