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3030  Old
Topanga Canyon

The foundation of the idea is when the architect determines the level of the main building volume, to achieve an infinity hillside view. There are 3 building masses, 2 horizontal masses are oriented towards the best view potential, whilst another mass is oriented diagonally to maximize narrower back side land perimeter. Among the masses, a series of outdoor spaces are created to enhance movement & the feeling of transition between functions.


Vertical Circulation

Because of the contoured site, vertical circulation from the entrance to the highest point in the architecture becomes quite extensive and needs to be carefully assembled. The sequence begins by creating a heavy cave-like entrance in the form of a ramp. Then we were immediately brought up to the living area through the semi-outdoor stair. Between the living-dining area and bedrooms area, a family room is inserted as a transition area, which is visually connected to the main study area, acts as the heart of the house for the family members.


One of the challenges in this project is when the best view potential is facing west, where the intensity of Solar radiation is high throughout the year. The given gap between architecture and rocky wall, and thin building volume allows good natural air circulation. Furthermore, shading elements in the form of vertical siding panels are installed with a certain degree of inclination, filtering direct sunlight to the building.


Roof Shading

Design concept

Year:                                       2021

Type:                                      Single-Family Residential

Size:                                       3,500 SQ.FT

Status:                                   Under Permit Application

Project Location:                 Topanga, CA

Team:                                     William Beauter, Matt Kingstreet, 

                                                Yiyang Sang

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