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6414 W Moore

The project site, with its rich historical context, posed unique challenges. Navigating through stringent preservation regulations, we successfully preserved key architectural elements while infusing a fresh, modern vibe—a delicate dance between the past and the present.


Permitting Journey

Explore the journey through the permitting maze of LADBS. Our team's expertise in local regulations facilitated a smooth and timely approval process, ensuring compliance with zoning laws and building codes while respecting the historical significance of the area.


Hear from the proud owner as they share their experience of witnessing their vision come to life. The testimonial reflects the seamless collaboration, transparent communication, and the joy of inhabiting a transformed space that exceeds expectations.


Design concept

Year:                                       2023

Type:                                      ADU Conversion

Size:                                       1,200 SQ.FT

Status:                                   Under construction

Project Location:                 Los Angeles, CA

Team:                                     Yiyang Sang

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