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Difficult Pyramid

2019 Autumn / Andrew Zago Vertical Studio

Embark on a transformative architectural journey with us as we pay homage to the industrial heritage of Pennsylvania's Auchincloose Breaker while forging a new narrative in contemporary design. Under the visionary guidance of architect Andrew Zago, our project seeks to revive the essence of Auchincloose, infusing its spirit into an entirely new building.

Inspired by the robustness of Auchincloose's industrial infrastructure, our architects explore structural innovation. The new building adapts and evolves the breaker's formidable structural elements, creating a contemporary framework that marries strength with elegance.


Spatial Reimagination

Experience a reimagination of Auchincloose's spatial configurations. The new design seamlessly integrates open, flexible spaces that cater to modern needs while preserving the intrinsic character of the original breaker. Each space tells a story of adaptation and transformation.


Witness the evolution of Auchincloose's architectural DNA into a modern, dynamic structure. Every line, every angle, and every material choice reflects a thoughtful reinterpretation, ensuring the new building resonates with both the past and the present. This project serves as a testament to architectural continuity, where Auchincloose Breaker's legacy is not forgotten but rather reimagined and reborn in a contemporary context.


E4 copy.jpg

Embrace community involvement as we engage with local residents, historians, and stakeholders throughout the design process. The Auchincloose-inspired project is not just a building; it's a collaborative effort to honor the past and shape the future of the community.

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Modern Interpretation

Design concept

Community Engagement

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