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Meditation Mine

Ancient mines were built to mine minerals from the mountain. However, in their ruins, maybe contemporary humanity can mine something that is even more valuable than metals and find that sense of peace and harmony contemporary society has somehow jeopardized.

This is the goal of the competition Ireland Meditation Mine aiming at turning Irish industrial archeology masterpieces into a retreat and meditation destination for people who look for meaningful experiences away from contemporaneity and immersed in the mystic beauty of a timeless nature.

The ‘Folding Mine’ is a residential+wellness complex project designed to transfer Irish industrial archeology masterpieces into a retreat and mediation destination. The residential zones are designed to ensure the comfort and security of a village. There are ten studios, five 1b1b suits and two 2b2b luxury suits in total, organized on 2 continous stepped platforms slightly inclined, that overcome the uneven topography of 7m. The studio and 1b1b residentials are located on the lower platform and two houses on the upper one.


Residential complex

The opening for daylights follow the same opening pattern of existing mine heritage. These were specifically located in place for this project in order to proveide a vivid light environment during the daytime.

The choice of material is important to connect landscape and architecture. The heritage has a ‘heavy’ language of brick, on the contrary the new add-on buildings
need to balance the oppressive buttom feel. Wood framing was chosed as basic structure and light color plaster form the exterior facade. Lightwight material is
also one of the most vital factor we considered during the design, due to the proctection of heritage.

2022_07-31_Ireland Mine - Sheet - A107 - Museum First Floor Plan.jpg

Mine misuem first floor plan

Similarly customized and carefully procured detail pieces sit in different corners of the house, enriching the interiors. The building roofs were designed to form an internal rift which follow the shape of the historical skyline, fulfilling the specific requirements that retain the heritage while keeping the modern interior language
intact. All these factors amalgamate into a minimalistic interior.


Mine museum

Folding concept

Wellness Area

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