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Mammoth Villas

Balancing the needs of the brief with the natural setting that combines vistas of mountains and plains was critical in the architects’ design solution. The architecture was driven by a desire to create a modern house that is discreet and respectful of its surroundings. Negotiating the site’s angle through levels instead of steps was also critical in molding a relaxing environment that embraces its setting. 

Enscape_2021-07-02-15-43-12_Lot 2_V3.png

Material & Structure

The design merges natural materials often used in the local vernacular, such as wood and stone. At the same time, the atmosphere is distinctly contemporary, blending Block722’s inherent Scandinavian sensibility and organic minimalism with Japanese architecture influences.

Enscape_2021-07-02-15-43-12_Lot 1_V2.png
Enscape_2021-07-02-15-43-12_Lot 2_V2.png

The roof shell with the large roof protrusions lays itself protectively between the two building volumes, which are angled at 3/12" to the slope. The resulting floor plan organization appears abstract, but its aim is to facilitate a variety of references to the site without coming too close to the neighboring buildings, and at the same time to optimally capture the sun in the south.

Enscape_2021-07-02-15-43-12_Lot 3_V3.png
Enscape_2021-07-02-15-39-37_Lot 3_V1.png
Enscape_2021-07-02-15-39-37_Lot 2_V1.png

Roof Shell

Design concept

Year:                                       2021

Type:                                      Single-Family Residence

Size:                                       3,200 SQ.FT X 3

Status:                                   Under Permit Application

Project Location:                 Mammoth Lakes, CA

Team:                                     William Beauter, Gaurav Puri,

                                                Bryan Kobe, Jose Cabrera,

                                                Yiyang Sang, Matthew Kingstreet

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