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Monkish Brewery

This project is an additional bar to the Monkish Brewery - Anaheim. The idea is using pipes to form a steel interior wall panel which functions as both lighting fixtures and
plumping fixtures.


Exterior & Interior

On the outside, keeping the existing construction as much as possible, we made the windows wider, providing the interior space with more light and changing the exterior coatings with more contemporary materials, such as corten steel on the access ramps to the building.


The curved pipes are reiterated throughout the store, both in the architecture and in the equipment. Present on walls, ceilings, supporting equipment, and even on the lighting fixtures. The back matt mirror wall visually multiplies the space and reflects the light that enters through the large windows. A second opening arranged in an "L" shape, generates a game of infinite visuals and serves as a subtle limit to the access to the bar and kitchen.


Curved Pipes

Design concept

Year:                                       2021

Type:                                      Brewery

Size:                                       1,600 SQ.FT

Status:                                   Under Permit Application

Project Location:                 Anaheim, CA

Team:                                     William Beauter, Gaurav Puri 

                                                Yiyang Sang

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